About Rankings on infootball.me

Rankings on infootball.me have been designated for amateur football, taking into account its peculiarities. With the help of it, we want to unite grassroots football and create a competition spirit among amateur teams.

Ranking formula includes a lot of features. The most basic of these are: the result of the match, goal difference, the strength of the teams, as well as the ratios of countries and competitions.

Everything's been made simple: the stronger the opponent you play with, the more points you can get for a win over him.

The credit rankings include all friendly matches between the teams, as well as all the matches played in the competition from official partners of infootball.me

Your team can compare their game with opponents from different cities and countries and become the best!

:-) There are also prizes for teams, both virtual and real ones. Top teams in the city, the country and the categories will win prizes, and at the end of the season, there will be real relevant prizes from infootball.me